Monday, May 22, 2006

stooooooopid typepad

So either they failed to inform me or i failed to read the teeny tiny miniscule fine print that read something to the effect of - give us your credit card info up front to enjoy the discounted price. Cause when i went to sign up for a year of typepad, it was all of a sudden two dollars more per month than it had been showing me all month. Had i even thought for a SECOND that i would not be able to get that price through the end of my trial, I would have signed up earlier. Even after nicely asking for the discount to be extended to me , less than 12 hours after my trial ends, they refused.

so fine. we don't need no stinking typepad!!!

(but that wo'nt stop me from trying to get that discount price another way!!!)

So after our crazy weekend, which I still need to blog about but have neither the time nor the patience to do so right now, we are getting back into the swing of our week here at Atkinson land. I am trying to make one healthy change a week with regard to my diet/exercise, in the hopes of finally losing these last few (60) lbs of baby weight. HA!
Last week it was to cut out coke on one day ( hereforth known in our house as " no coke wednesdays"). I will keep that change this week and add another. 2 gallons of water a day. And drinking 8 oz. of water before indulging in any snack. I am also going to be hardboiling a bunch of eggs either tonite or tomorrow morning so that instead of a brownie or a cookie for a snack/breakfast/whathaveyou, I will be eating protein which will be MUCh MUCH better for me. Although some days, brownies are good for you.
So hopefully I am able to stick to this new change for this whole week. Next week I am going to tackle a change to my exercise habits. In that i will probably actually start exercising. Any way shape or form that is consistent is better than my willy nilly visits to the gym or walk around the block now. MUST start making some serious disciplined changes.
I am also having a clean sweep challenge with my friend to see who can clear out more junk for a garage sale we are having on saturday at her house. That should be good motivation to just rmove a lot of excess junk from the various closets and nooks in the basement where it has managed to accumulate recently.
So - lots to look forward to this week. Now i can hopefully keep up the energy level to keep up with all of this now too!
plus i want to SCRAP!!!!!!!

LOTS and LOTS of new exciting stuff coming up soon from some of my favorite designers! PLUS i saw a sneak peek of the DSD mega kit for JUNE - i am in LOVE with that color scheme!!!

save those pennies girls! lots to shop for in the weeks to come!

i love this hobby.

now i am off to try to get one page scrapped real quick while the kids are sleeping!

maybe i will start to tell the story of this weekend....

ughhh - gotta get that all out before i lose that all.

anyways - TTFN!


Thursday, April 20, 2006

a temporary new home

I have decided to give the trial Typepad a run for its money.....check me out over there for the next few days!


TerraBull - my typepad blog

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

I'm FIRED!!!

Well - no great Eight Weeks of Fame for me I guess - I did not make it to a second interview on the Apprentice show. BUT -

It was an awesome fun experience and I am very glad I did it. My body is finally starting to thaw out from standing outside for four hours in the fricking arctic wind that whips through Chi-town, and I am SO proud of myself in my interview. They asked what we all thought about taking "under God" out of the pledge. Oh please do not even get me started again. Anyways - I was not fanatical, but I led the group discussion on the topic and eventually had seven other lemmings agreeing with every thing I said.
I am not quite sure what it was they were looking for - they seemed to be going back and forth in telling us, we want a tv personality, but we really want a good businessperson. Let me tell ya- they had some freaks crawling out of the woodwork for this one! I think they should hold a call in Vegas - now THAT would be some good entertainment right there.
So all in all - it was a blast - I am glad that i did it - and I am proud of myself for trying.
I gotta tell you - getting up that morning and seeing all the well wishes and good thoughts from all you friends who believe in me - I had tears in my eyes.
So thanks and hugs to all of you for your cyber support!

Now - on to this crazy week.

More flu hitting our house and this time we were nice enough to pass it on to our friends (aren't we nice?)
Getting ready for vacation, having the cramps/PMS from HELL week. I mean honestly I swear I am dilated to five with these suckers! Midol needs to create a NEW product - their advertising can include the fact that it is equal to half an epidural! (not that i have ever had an epidural, but if I HAD, I would imagine it would be somewhat akin to taking 35 tylenol/ibu's, which is about the point i am at right now.)
Am I actually talking about this on my blog?????

Anyways -

today is LAPTOP DAY!!!!!!!!
I have it narrowed down, the store supposedly has it in stock, and as soon as I pick up the kids from the daycare and go to ballet class - I am THERE baby. I am hoping this eases the work burden a little bit as I will not have to be tied to my desk all the live long day , but can actually enjoy time with my kids while trying to accomplish some of the more mundane work tasks.

So excited.

I am so scatter brained right now trying to think of all that I have to do this week before vacation - I can't even concentrate on what it is that I am trying to say!
So I will leave you with some layouts.

This first one is using the DSD April Mega Kit. It has way muted-er (nice word huh) of colors than i would normally pick - but i love the soft spring rainy feel to it. And it has a grungy edge overlay. I am a sucker for grungy inky borders. just ask my hard drive.

This was a scraplift from a magazine - it was actually a layout that was in an ad - so i have no idea how to give proper credit, besides the fact that I pretty much butchered it and whomever DID do the original design would probably be horrified to have her name attached to this eventual rendering of her artistic idea.

This next one uses Gina Miller's new Andy's Things Collection One, To Infinity kit. I LOVE these kits, and while I could MAYBE slap something together with my girlie pics, I wanted to do them true justice. So I begged my friend Jenn Vogel for pics of her two ADORABLE baby boys, and she was gracious enough to oblige! I mean look at the cheeks on this kid - don't you just want to SQUEEEEEEEEEEZE them???? I do.
Jenn - I do not know how you resist such a face!
This is also a scraplift of Janet - *a little eclectic* - one of the Guest DTM's for Gina this month. I have been on sort of a scraplift kick lately. Guess my own mojo is taking a brief hiatus.

And lastly for today - this scraplift of Aggie (the other Guest DTM for Gina Miller in April). Yes folks you are seeing it here first today! I JUST got done with this one - and something about it - probably the soft colors {Gina Miller's PErfectly Pastels Paper Collection, Sunday Suit edition} just soothes me and I like how it flows. I LOVED aggie's use of the circles. I scraplifted this from her two peas gallery where she states in the comments for the original of this scraplift - this is my second digi page. NICE. It is gorgeous, Aggie - you are a natural!!! I loved the circles.

So anyways folks. There you have it.

Layouts and the Apprentice scoopage.

Don't get much better than that.

I have to hold myself back from re-posting tonite with the laptop.!

oh heck who am I kidding? You all KNOW i will be back to flaunt the new technology!!!!!

Thanks for the luv, peeps.

Keep it real.


Friday, March 31, 2006

{Getting very NeRvOuSsssssssss}

TOmorrow morning is my BIG SHOT at the BIG TIME!!!

Apprentice tryouts baby!
I filled out my application today - seven pages - lots of legal mumbo jumbo...i probably just signed my first born child away, but hey - who reads the fine print anyways????
So now I just have to mapquest where in downtown chicagoland we are going to - and I think I am set. Updated the resume - although I could NOT concentrate on it so it sounds like i am a lot stupider than i actually am, which is only minorly stupid. I am stuck somewhere between REALLY wanting to move on, and just really hoping I get just the chance to interview. I don't want to get my hopes up too high, but then I also do'nt want this awesome opportunity to pass me by.
I have to make sure my suit is ironed, do something with this weave and find my earrings. Oh and figure out what shirt I am going to wear. I will HOPEFULLY be able to talk the oh so willing hubby into taking pics for the scrappage of this fun event - but who knows. Sometimes he hates having to actually participate like that. {rolling eyes at non-participatory husbands}.

So - to keep my mind off of that...
I am just going to post a few recent layouts. Some of my faves have come out of the past few days worth of scraps.
For full credits - please visit my gallery at DSD.

Ok this is all blogger is letting me post for right now.
I have PLENTY more to share - i will figure it out sooner or later. But for now i am going to go put my kids in bed so I can paper scrap a little and take my mind off of how nervous I am starting to feel!

Thanks for all the good luck and positive thoughts and prayers being sent my way! I appreciate all you cyber friends more than words can say!


Thursday, March 30, 2006

Ya gotta love that Illi-noise weather!!

Last post - snow on the ground.
Today - sunny and 70. Go figure. No wonder everyone has some form of the ebola virus.
Oh lordy there is so much to catch up on - i doubt I get to it all.
First things first.

Old Car:

Suburban 1500
Good car.
Leather seats, heated front seats.
Liked this car.
Had a Gojillion miles on it.
But a good car nonetheless.

REST :: in peace.

NEW CAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh my gosh aren't you shocked by how different it is??

This is a Yukon XL Denali.
Yes the color is actually SLIGHTLY different
This is Silver Birch. The other one was Gold Coast craptastic.
I got my sunroof. My 6 disc changer. My heated leather seats even in the BACK row!!
The installed dvd player for le poissons. The controls in the steering wheel. Power mirrors so i can parallel park (as if i am EVER in my LIFE going to attempt to park in this bad boy. No thanks. I would rather illegally park in someone's yard or on the sidewalk before I attempted that. even WITH the helpful turn down mirrors.)What else - oh the pedals move up or down to my legs. It has the kick ass pimped running boards. The rims need to go - need my 24 in spinners on there. (And no my husband would never actually allow me to do that to his baby.)
Anyways - all in all - a very hella cool car. Now if i ever get to drive it - it will be even that much more fun!

so - a catch up on the week. Went to a friends house for dinner on Monday nite. My best friends husband throws kealey up in the air as a how are ya doing type gesture, she gets down, walks to the front staircase and yes you guessed it - puked all over this BEAUTIFUL entry way. Then proceeded to puke EVERY fifteen minutes thereafter until four the next morning. Fun times.
Tuesday and Wednesday were obviously very laid back - please God don't let the baby catch this- type days. Today the girls went to a new daycare arrangement I have with a friend so i can concentrate on work two days a week and everything went SWIMMINGLY. Work got done, the kids had fun, I got a little dent in the housework made, and we all went shopping afterwards. I got a new Amazing Brows kit by Bare Escentuals cause yeah I waxed three fourths of my eyebrows off accidentally the other nite. SUCK. I look like a total drag queen. But this kit is rocking and easily makes it look like i just have very finely sculpted brows instead of nothing.
Oh my gosh i still cannot believe I did that. TWO DAYS before Apprentice tryouts and I am TOTALLY geekin it up over here!

So - it hasn't exactly been an exciting week - but a good week nonetheless.

I am on day two of my Rhonna inspired challenge to form a new good habit - waking up early. It is not as hard as I thought once I am actually out of the bed. But MAN my eyes do not want to open as early as I am forcing them to! Hopefully by day 21 this gets LOTS easier.
So - one more week till our fun filled vacation. I think we are at T-minus FOUR DAYS till laptop purchase!
I figured i better get it early enough in the week that I can format it with all my computer stuff (kits, DIP, pics, etc) so i can actually entertain myself on this oh so exciting road trip from hell - i mean road trip to Texas.
I will have to post more about that later.

GAG - final four shminal shmour. BRING BACK SURVIVOR ALREADY!!!!!

Ok - gear me up here kids.
Help me prepare for this Apprentice interview on Saturday. What would you wear - the conservative business attire? or the flaunt your best assets attire? Dangly earrings? No earrings? Hair down, hair up?
Should I go for the - i am a smart business woman approach or the - hey put me on cause i am CRAZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYy approach? Cause either or both are me - i am just second guessing myself here.

Talk me through it - seriously - give me your opinions on how or what you would do.

loves ya babes! I am holdin steady at 130 on the blog ring - how the EFFER do you get your blog header to show up on that thing - anyone know????

And one more Q - how do you pay for typepad - i can't find the info ANYWHERE on the website - can i pay all at once with paypal?

Thanks -

T-crest out.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Please someone - be kidding me!!

This has got to be just a cruel joke. Please say it isn't darn near the end of March and we just got MORE snow last nite. How on EARTH will I ever get to utilize these cute new spring fashions like gauchos and platform sandals and new makeup if it is still freaking SNOWING outside???

Hopefully the sun makes an appearance today, warms it up to the tropical temperature of roughly 36 degrees, and melts this stuff away. I want snow in the WINTER, not the spring thank you very much. If you can't deliver snow on MY timetable, don't deliver it at all.

So anyways - besides that minor setback today - I am ready to attack this weekend. Not that I have any huge plans - I just - i woke up early and feel oddly full of energy. But I truly have nowhere to really divert that energy. So be ready for massive gallery flooding by yours truly for all the AWESOME pages I am sure to create this weekend. i will probably needlessly shop as well, inspired as I was by my friend MizAmyLou's shopping foray last weekend. She raked it in man. I love vicariously shopping through friends. I really truly haven't gone hogwild shopping in a while. Been too busy it seems like. And with snow - ehhh - who wants to shop for cute springy clothes???

So today we have Karissa's hearing evaluation appointment. I am sort of torn about it. On the one hand, I do'nt want anything to be really wrong with her. On the other hand, a totally clean bill of hearing health means - she just doesn't wanna talk. Or I am doing something wrong with her. Either way the problem comes back to me, me failing as a mom, me doing something wrong as a mom, me screwing up somehow. right? I mean, logically I know that isn't true, but as moms don't you sometimes feel like you have the responsibility for EVERY single thing that occurs in your child's life, like every single moment from conception forward is a possible starting point for the downward spiral of your child's physical, emotional or mental health. Why do we put this pressure on ourselves? Why am I being such a downer about this when really I am in a pretty good mood? Just random thoughts I guess.

Anyways - after that, we get to pick up my mom's dog, Maximus. I love this dog. I truly do. I am not really a dog person, but I love Maxie. Oh yes you will see plenty of pictures in days ahead. I am trying to train him to become a seeing eye dog or one of those helper dogs so that I can take him on trips with me. He isn't buying into the training so much. Probably a combo of a.) I started him too late and b.) I am in no way shape or form a dog trainer, much less an aid dog trainer. But hey, its fun to try! My mother just rolls her eyes at me and mutters something out loud about where did she go wrong. (See what I mean with the mom guilt??? Like its her fault I am a warped personality!)

And then....i dunno what the rest of the weekend holds. I assume it will probably GREATLY depend on if I got paid or not. If i go to our little cubbyhole mailbox and see that glorious HAGC envelope staring back at me, well, then momma's got a new pair-a-shoes! And if not, the girls and I will find something to entertain ourselves I hope!

I need pictures on here to brighten up the bloggage. yes, yes I feel typepad looming ever closer in my line of vision. I am actually waiting on Shannon to cave first. If she goes to the dark side, I am SO there. Speaking of the utterly wise and adorable Miss Bieger - lets all head on over to her blog and wish her a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! I love celebrating birthday's in cyberspace, specially with digi-friends. So Shannon - I hope your day is extra special and tons of fun and that it is not snowing on your birthday where you live. May the rats stay in their little hiding places tonite and may you be overjoyed at the celebration you have on this day.

Is there really anything else worthy of writing it down here today....

oh yeah! My best buy damn the man story!!!

So anyways - two years ago I broke down and bought my daughter a portable DVD player. BAck in the day they were pretty expensive still, so I dropped $250 on it, plus bought the $70 warranty. In two years I have exchanged that puppy SIX TIMES. Yes six for the price of one folks. I guess this is why they do not recommend letting your two year old handle her own electronics. But I digress. So throughout this time I have been able to upgrade since the prices have fallen since that first player i bought. Well eventually the manufacter's warranty runs out so now I am on the best buy warranty. I take it in about a month and a half ago for service, and they ship it back three weeks later saying, oh we just needed to clean the lens head. Right. Like I didn't try that myself thirty three times before I brought it in to you. It took you three weeks to tell me that??? So I get it home - nope still broken. So i pack it all back up and take it BACK in. By now my box has like fifteen little best buy pink security check stickers on it. So now they tell me, they will send it back, but if it has to be replaced then that will use the warranty I have on it, so I wll have to purchase a NEW warranty on any NEW player I get. Fine. Totally understand the logic of that. So they call me a week later. Umm we need to see all your warranty receipts. Me: why? all my warranty info is typed onto my work order sheet right here that is in your system. Geek Squad Geek: Wellllllllll ummmmmmm I dont know, I am just reading the notes on my screen. Me: Ok thanks for your uber ability to handle my customer service. I will be right in with my warranty info.

The whole fam-damily trucks into the car and into the store. Have I mentioned how much my husband hates trying to corral my two children in best buy? Oh yes, his favorite thing to do on the weekends. Anyways.

Me at the counter to the poor geeky kid who offers to help me: I was told to bring in all my receipt warranty info for my player. (pushing my large folder stuffed with numerous receipts all nicely organized by date and time across the counter to him.)

Geek Squad Geek: Ummm yeah see the problem is, when you exchanged it the last time, you should have bought a new warranty then. So ummm this dvd player now that we have out for service is like ummmm not covered by any warranty. so if ummmm you want it back, like, umm you are gonna have to pay for all the service charges and stuff.

Me: Neat. But no that theory does not hold any water. See, it was never explained to me that I had used the warranty, so I was never offered the opportunity to purchase a new warranty. As you can see, i buy warranties on everything I purchase (me showing him my warranty folders on my thirty dollar thumbdrives.) So if I had been told that there was no warranty on this plaer, I most certainly would have bought one.

GSG: ok umm see, that really isn't my problem.

Me:(fuming mad cause if there is ONE PHRASE in the customer service language that pisses me off it is someone telling me something isn't their problem) Oh looky here young man, you are gonna MAKE it your problem real fast or I am going to find someone above you who WILL make it your problem!!! (Ok i really said, alright then please have a manager come over here to discuss this with me.)

MEanwhile, another GSG has noticed that I am about to ring first GSG's scrawny pimply neck and goes -" ummm Greg, why dont' you take this phone call and I wll finish up with this customer".

GSG #2 reviews folder and documentation and calmly listens to my side of story again. Notices the numerous visits I have had to make to Best Buy in the past month, decides quickly his life is worth more than a stupid dvd player and goes to find a manager.

Comes back and tells me that while it is against their policy, they are going to be making an exception due to my impeccable record keeping skills with all my receipts and warranties.

Thank you!

So yes, I fought the big bad corporate monster that is Best Buy and I WON!!!!!! Walked out of there with an even BETTER new dvd player (which screamingly is now on sale for $50 off this week!!! gggggrrrrrrr) with two screens for my children. Bought the new warranty and hopefully will not have to deal with that issue for a long time to come.

The moral of this story? Buy a warranty and do'nt let your toddler hold her own movie player.

There, that's all I got for ya folks!

If you are still reading - i hope you have a GREAT weekend!

Write and tell me what your fun plans are! Let me live vicariously through you!

PS - does anyone use hello? I have been made fun of for my ridiculously short list of friends. wanna be my friend? let me know your hello sign on name so i can relentlessly bug you throughout the day.


Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Isn't it weird...

How it seems like we (*warning- large sweeping generalizations up ahead - if they don't pertain to you, do'nt take offense!*) - as a society, seem to so rarely be satisfied with what WE have, and what WE seems like we are always wanting more, or different, or better or bigger.
I was just cruisin some blogs and wanted to get all pouty - but IIIIIII want to do that, IIIIIIIII want to be the cute one, IIIIIIIIIIII want to be a superstar!!!
But then i thought, wait, i bet to someone, i AM that. Haven't we all read other people's blogs and gotten just a teensy bit jealous over this that or the other thing? I guess part of it is just human nature. We are driven to succeed, to aspire, to reach out for more.
So instead of beating myself up over it, I am going to choose to turn it into a positive.
Knock out the whining (which thankfully none of you can actually HEAR cause i promise it is quite toddler-ish of me!), and what I am left with is something visual to attain to, a visual set of goals to work towards. Instead of being jealous of other people, work toward what exactly it is that makes me jealous. Define what exactly it is that makes you have that "jealous" feeling, then see how you can turn that into a goal to attain for yourself. so that is my new goal - aren't you all glad I shared it with you????

So anyways - Wednesday - hump day - Awana day --- what else does this day bring?

I feel like I have already lost track of the day of the week by the time wednesday rolls around. Like - la la la - just another endless cycle of housework and cartoons and diapers and work....dang that sounds so boring just typing it out! And on some level it is. Very mundane and boring. I think with winter still hanging around like a bad odor, it is very tough to feel "up" and motivated to do much. I am craving something exciting to happen. I hope it is a GOOD exciting though not like - rush to the ER exciting. oh gosh i spoke life into it now!!! throw salt over your shoulders quick!
I really should get to scrappin! I want to, I love it, it just seems like lately every time i start to get in a groove, I get massive interruptions, then it is very hard to come back to that page, so i try to start another one. I have three unfinished pages sitting in my folder right now. I never have that. I start one, finish it, save it and post it. I think it just sort of is par for the course of this blah time of year. Stores have cute springy stuff out, and I am still lookin at wearing a turtleneck and wool sweater with my winter coat for a good month yet. GAG!!!
Hopefully by this time next week when i start getting things ready for our vacation to MIL's house I will be more upbeat.
Ok - i am going to try a little fun thing to cheer myself up. Remember back a few weeks (if you read the egger blog that is, otherwise you will have NO IDEA what I am about to talk about) anyways - they challenged us to do a joy list. Well i never quite got around to doing that as a layout, but i think maybe i will do a late winter version of things that make me happy so i can refer to it here just to look on the bright side:

** A new laptop. Coming soon to a blog near you. I cannot wait to tear into the box and smell that factory electronic smell, load all my programs onto it, make it my baby who will purr and shine just for me. Who will allow me the novelty of scrapping, i mean WORKING, in the quiet luxury of Barnes and Noble coffee shop, or in the living room DURING my shows, or at nite when DARLING hubby has turned my office into an online casino. happy happy joy joy. I WILL own this bad boy before vacation. Countdown to April 8: T minus 16 days. Give or take. Not sure when i will exactly get it. But sometime before the 8th of April I assure you.
An HP dv8000z model, 17 inch screen, built in media ports along the sides, a hella graphics card, 1 gig hard drive, 240 gig memory...ahhhh sheer bliss. Now to just pray I can find a great deal on it somewhere which will allow me enough money leftover to purchase the warranty. (Note to self - blog about best buy warranty story).

** My new dream car. The GMC Yukon XL Denali. Yes it is ridiculously expensive, no i have no idea why. It just looks hella cool. Woudl'nt I be big pimpin' pullin up to the preschool in THIS puppy? I envision decking it out with a full chrome package, cattle pusher on the front, spinners on my rims and two huge woofers in the back. Room for groceries what? Can't the kids hold their own strollers? I would of course need to then go drop a load on some gucci sunglasses to complete my look, but still - this is my joy list - leave reality out of it please!
Although I will say - my darling hubby is actually making a few inquiries with some of his friends as to exactly how many thousands of dollars a monthly payment on something like this will be. Perhaps that would be enough to make the "vacation" of a road trip to MIL's with my two screamin mi-mi's worth it. Rollin in my big pimpin car.

** My new tart burner and tarts. Yes I caved to the Gina Miller and Shannon Bieger pressure. I mean come on, how can you not? They are so darn CUTE with their incessant chatter about how their houses smell so springy and fresh with their tarts etc. So i did it. I bit the bullet, walked into a Yankee Candle store, and walked out about forty dollars poorer. Got a relatively non descript little tart burner and the following scents : Sunwashed Linen, Juicy Grapefruit, Greenhouse, Cherry Lemonade, and Pineapple Citrus. I have only had opportunity to burn the Grapefruit one thus far, but i must say, those little puppies can put out the SCENT let me tell you what! Other than the fact that my husband had to pretend like he was gagging at the strong smell throughout dinner, I was quite pleased with my purchase and will fully blame the aforementioned chica's for any and all bankruptcies hereby ensuing due to my newfound obsession. oh ok cool. it decided to just copy my yukon pic instead of my tarts pictures. ok.

** my really really good friends at the GMD team. These girls just know how to come along side you when you are down and really give you a good cyber-hug. I cannot even begin to recount here the countless times and ways they have made me laugh when i need it the most, but here is something that will probably not fail to bring a laugh to my lips for a LONG time to come:

Yes that is a picture of Fifty Cent's face on a scrawny Kid Rock. I know this is totally one of those - you had to be there - type of things. But let's just say - that yes, I consider myself a cross of Fifty Cent meets Kid Rock. I'm a little white trash, but I am keepin it real.
Word to ya mutha. Fo doggy shizzle.

** The FunFetti cake I made with Kealey yesterday. Let's just say it was a good time to make a cake. And now I am FULLY working off every calorie I eat because instead of actually frosting it, putting a small piece on my plate and eating it here at my desk, I grab a bite, dip it into the frosting tub and eat it a bite at a time as i pass through the kitchen back and forth between my office and the TV room as my children have just URGENT pressing matters that need my attention every thirty seconds. Oh yes this works, I read it in O magazine.

**There is truly so much other stuff in my life to be happy for - i dont need to live somebody else's life! I could fill up pages upon pages with it. but it all comes down to just remembering it on a daily basis. I am going to try to post my happy thoughts more often here. It has really changed my mood from the beginning of this post to now- just typing it all out.

And with that -
I should go. I SHOULD go work out. I SHOULD go scrap - paper or digi - either way i have tons that I could/should be doing! I SHOULD go do something productive. But I will probably find a way to procrastinate and waste away the better part of this afternoon, cause, that's what I do best!

Much love to my homies!